About us

At Evolution Support Services we are passionate about providing professional and safe care for people with behavioural concerns and complex needs.

Evolution Support Services has been providing specialised support carers to government and non-government clients for almost a decade, specialising in behavioural concerns. Over this time we have gained invaluable experience in managing specialist care and safety support services for people with behaviours of concern and complex needs. We started because of our background in risk mitigation.

With a rising number of healthcare security incidents, it is imperative to have comprehensive solutions in place to ensure the ultimate safety of clients, employees and organisations. The Evolution brand has a proven track record of developing highly successful strategies to meet the stringent needs and demands of working in difficult environments.


Our carers are highly trained to cope with and manage a variety of situations. We match the right staff to the right organisation so that we can achieve the best possible outcome. So no matter how challenging the situation, with compassion, understanding and a professional approach, we are able to provide the support that's needed for everyone's safety and ultimate benefit.

We know how vital it is to provide our clients with staff who understand their personal needs. Our workers are highly skilled, motivated and passionately dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for all concerned through individualised strategies and plans that ensure the ultimate goal of helping someone transition to a fulfilling life.


We are fully accredited and registered with the NDIS to provide support to people with behavioural concerns and complex needs, including children and young people.

To speak with us call 1800 186 328 or to send an email click here to go to our contacts page.